Bella Bronze

If you're a sun worshipper who loves the look but hates to bake or look fake, treat yourself to the luxurious bella BRONZE self-tanning formulas from Solarceuticals. Now you can soak up the sun and look like you just spent a week in the Mediterranean— without the damaging rays and with a rich, deep, natural-looking bronze glow... head to toe.

The Bella Bronze System maximizes your tanning potential. Get all the specialized tanning care your skin needs to prepare it for the sun, pamper it during the self-tanning process for streakless results and moisturize it afterward, so your "tan" looks richer and lasts longer.

The Bella Bronze System is the ultimate sun-substitute. Discover seven technologically-advanced, tan-nurturing treatments to keep your skin soft, smooth and glowing—rain or shine. Features the latest self-tanning technology and good-to-skin ingredients—including antioxidants and anti-aging elements to increase your skin's natural defenses against sun damage.

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